Friday, December 9, 2011

Bouncing Back Now: How do you know what your core values are?

Begin to list as many values as you can in your role as a mate in your romantic relationship. They can include: honesty, integrity, trust, compassion, generosity, resilience, perseverance, courage, optimism, and faith, plus scores of others. Then pick the top 5 or 7; these are your core values. Misaligned core values can lead to relationship issues and relationship problems and repeated breakdowns in communication.

Donna lost her mother, her man, her money and health, all within months of each other. Having experienced devastating loss – the kind that would knock most folks down permanently – Donna Marie Thompson, PhD can declare she’s a survivor. Through reliance on her faith, friends and core values, she was able to once again find happiness, joy and hope and is now living an extraordinarily happy life. More importantly, Donna wants to share with you how to survive and recover from loss, and move forward into a more fulfilling and happier life.

Here at Bouncing Back Now, you’ll find a warm, supporting and caring community who has like you, experienced challenges, problems, losses, hardships, and obstacles. We will work through this together, and Donna Marie is ready to lead you towards your transformation. Find inspiring message in her blog, listen to audio sessions and watch her compelling videos. Say NO to the status quoTM, and let’s start Bouncing Back Now!

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