Friday, November 25, 2011

Reader Reviews

Robertson's MAJOR DREAM Showcases What Is Possible If You Only Believe

C. A. Webb "Conversations Book Club" (Jackson, MS)

I believe that appreciation is something that you develop, it's not something you are naturally born with. In the case of Jin Suh Robertson, though, we see that one thing she was endowed with from the beginning of her life was the desire to be her best. That is important as we discuss her book MAJOR DREAM. Robertson realized that it wasn't enough to just wish for something to happen in our lives. We have to work in concert with those wishes.

She had to do this as she look at her life in Korea and knew that if she stayed the conformity and complacency that inhabits so many would begin to envelop her as well. Because of this she took her studies seriously, even to the point of getting nose bleeds, but she knew that for her education and dedication would be what it would take to help her reach her full potential.

Working herself from menial jobs to eventually seeing the pay-off she had been hoping and waiting on, Robertson is able to share with us how all of this happened. It's not something that took off overnight, even though it might appear that way to some. Her journey is one that had its twists and turns, ups and downs but led to the place she was destined for.

MAJOR DREAM showcases what is possible if you only believe and act in harmony with those beliefs. As long as you don't give up on yourself anything is possible.

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