Friday, October 21, 2011

The Equality Effect

THE EQUALITY EFFECT, a non profit human rights organization doing legal/justice work for women and girls in Malawi, Kenya and Ghana.

The equality effect is an innovative non-profit organization that brings together leading human rights experts in Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, and Canada to conduct ground-breaking legal work on women's and girls' human rights issues.

The primary focus of the organization's work relates to violence against women, the feminization of HIV/AIDS, and women's property rights. For more information and to make a donation please go to

Animated and Directed by Andrea Dorfman

Written by Fiona Sampson
Narrated by Sophie Njoki Ndungo
Music Composed by Sageev Oore
Voice Recorded by Patrick N. Njagi
Audio Support by Lukas Pearse

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