Saturday, July 9, 2011

KEEPING UP WITH JIN by Jennifer Geronimo!

Women’s Professional Forum of Greensboro North Carolina has officially booked Jin to speak on July 11, 2012…. Yes, a bit over a year from now.

With much encouragement, cooperation and through sheer tenacity, the Women’s Professional Forum was launched in 1977.

A private, "invitation only" membership organization, the Women’s Professional Forum has approximately 130 members. Its key goals are:

◦To provide support to professional women
◦To exchange information and ideas and share experiences with one another
◦To encourage women to attain high career goals
◦To enhance careers through a network of professional contacts

When you become a member of the Women’s Professional Forum, you also become a member of the Women’s Professional Forum Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization.

The Foundation was established in 1984 by the members of WPF and has been built from their contributions. It commemorates and celebrates Forum members’ accomplishments and those who came before us by providing grants to other women and the organizations which serve them. For the past several years, the Foundation’s focus for its grant-giving has been...
“Nurturing Girls To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Their website is:

For more information about having Jin speak for your organization contact Jennifer Geronimo at: or 619-713-6756

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