Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Sky is the Limit : Jessica Roemischer - Part 3

The Piano Duet Paradigm - Modeling a New Possibility for Human Life

What if music became a doorway into an entirely new reality, one in which physical, cognitive, and emotional limitations are transcended; creativity flourishes; and true equality is achieved. Acclaimed pianist and educator, Jessica Roemischer will describe how, over the course of thirty years, she has developed an approach to piano duet improvisation that is yielding extraordinary results with people of all ages and backgrounds, including those with Down syndrome and blindness. Jessica will share remarkable stories of transformation in countries as diverse as Australia and Guatemala, where she is using music to give hope to those living amidst poverty and violence. In this inspiring conversation, you’ll discover how music can become a catalyst for widespread change, an for our own awakening, allowing all of us to rise above the challenges we face and realize our potential, no matter who we are or where we may live!

Since graduating magna cum laude from Princeton University in 1982, Jessica Roemischer has brought the catalytic power of music to individuals and groups throughout the United States and internationally. Her pedagogical lineage through her mother, trained in the finest Western tradition, links directly to Frederic Chopin and Ludwig van Beethoven. In Jessica’s workshops, retreats, lessons and consulting sessions, she utilizes the universal language of music to address the unique challenges of our time. Her acclaimed music program at Riverbrook Residence for Women has been supported by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Caroline and James Taylor, and led to performances for Governor Deval Patrick. Jessica’s eclectic background includes writing, journalism and photography.

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