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Immigration Law Profile

Immigration Law

: Greg Siskind's Blog


By Greg Siskind

Korean-born Jim Kyu Robertson has lived a truly American story. She came from modest means in her native country for a housemaid job at the age of 22. When she arrived, the job was gone and she managed to survive waiting tables in a restaurant. She worked on her English skills and enrolled in college. She then joined the US Army and continued to work on her English. The Army allowed her to continue her studies and within a few more years she was an officer overseeing 50 soldiers. She also went on to hold the position of liaison ot the Japanese Self Defense Forces, the first woman to hold the job. After retiring from the US Army, she went back to school and in 2006, she received a Ph.D. from Harvard in Asian Studies. And now her daughter Jasmin, also a Harvard graduate is serving in the US Army. The Voice of America has profiled her this week and I hope more people learn about her story. Hat tip to Dan Kowalski for telling me about Dr. Robertson

Full post as published by Greg Siskind's Blog on February 14, 2009

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