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The Hope Research Center

Transform yourself, your family, and your workforce for super productive lives with joy and abunduance.

I am living my American Dreams that can inspire, motivate, and empower anybody and everybody to live better and happier lives. I can also transform unhappy mediocre workforces to happy and super productive ones. With my bestselling autobiographies which sold over a half million copies in Korea and over 1,000 keynote speeches in English, Korean and Japanese, the results have been explosively successful.

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Parenting: Staying Up in the Ups and Downs

Raising Super Star Kid

Dr. Jin Kyu (Suh) Robertson was born and raised in Korea. She worked as a factory girl, waitress, and a housemaid. At age 22, she immigrated to America alone to become a housemaid (a position she found through a Korean newspaper ad) with practically no English and had only one-way ticket and $100 to her name.

At the age of 28, Jin, a mother of eight months old baby-girl, joined the U.S. Army as a private to escape from the domestic violence. Twenty years later, after visiting many countries in the world for assignments and training, she retired as a U.S. Army major, received MA (at the age of 43) and Ph.D. (at the age of 57) both from Harvard.

This single mother raised her daughter, an Army Brat, to be selected as a Presidential Scholar (an honor given to only 141 of 2.5 million high school graduating seniors), graduate from Harvard (BA), become a U.S. Army officer, and receive a masters degree from Princeton.

Prepare yourself for a moving presentation that proves all individuals can create the life the yve always wanted if they are willing to do their best, place themselves in positions of opportunity, and take responsibility for producing quality results that cause others to want to work with them and for them. Discover for yourself why all of Jin's audiences rise to their feet in a rousing standing ovation they reconnect with the part of themselves that knows they have the power to do more with their lives if they choose to act on their own behalf.

You'll understand why Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (best-selling authors of the Chicken Soup series), Pulitzer-Prize winner Ron Powers (Mark Twain), and Grand Master Jhoon Rhee (Father of American Tae Kwon Do) have all recommended Jins work.

Here is what Bruce Merrin, President of says about Jin's keynote: Our bureau is celebrating its thirty-five-year anniversary. We have booked every past president of the U.S. since President Ronald Reagan. We have booked the most famous sports stars, entertainers, and newsmakers in history. Jin-Kyu (Suh) Robertson is without question the BEST SPEAKER I HAVE EVER WITNESSED. She motivates, inspires, and brings every audience to tears with her impactful success story. Her original songs are simply enchanting and magical.

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