Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Sky is the Limit - Show Guest: Shelley Armato - Part 2

“Do It Afraid”

When asked, “What is your best advice in terms of career, family, and relationships?” Shelley Armato’s response, 9 times out of 10, is “Do It Afraid”. Armato, a seasoned entrepreneur, has faced her share of challenges in creating and growing a successful business amidst a primarily male dominated industry – commercial construction. Since childhood, Armato held natural leadership qualities. Unfortunately, an unstable home environment did not produce the positive support and encouragement Armato thought necessary to follow her dreams. Years later, Armato discovered it was this very same ‘obstacle’ that forced her to overcome her worries, her doubts, her disbeliefs, and jump into life with her signature approach – Do It Afraid. In this segment, Armato will discuss methods to turn your fear into courage. If you’re scared to do something, simply allow
your courage to carry you toward your goals and, more often times than not, your strength will supersede your fear.

As president of Marathon Digital Services, my goal is to transform the construction process, with MySmartPlans. I'm using my professional experience as a top-performing sales person and natural entrepreneur to advocate for increased transparency, efficiency and cost-savings in the construction process.

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